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Wondershare Data Recovery — Easy Steps to Use the Tool

Nowadays, small-large scale companies have become dependent on digital data. These essential business data are stored in different storage mediums. Starting from HDDs to SSDs to cloud storage, all these storage devices can keep the data safe. 

Many individuals still use CDs and USB flash drives to store essential data. But, due to ageing or file corruption, these storage spaces can get damaged. As a result, you won’t be able to access the required work-related documents. In these instances, use Wondershare Data Recovery. It is one of the best data retrieval tools out there. 

Billions of people across the globe have used this RecoverIt product. Moreover, Wondershare has received positive feedback from users. It has also got the highest ratings from worldwide users. 

Be it corrupted or missing data, Wondershare Data Recovery can retrieve everything. Additionally, you can recover data from PCs, laptops, iOS and macOS devices. Unfortunately, this data recovery tool does not work on Android smartphones. But, it can restore different types of data, irrespective of its format or size. 

How to Retrieve the Important Data from Wondershare Data Recovery?

Wondershare Data Recovery has set a benchmark for recovering 96% of deleted data. Additionally, it is easy to use and offers standout features to the users. It takes a few seconds to retrieve data from this free data recovery tool. 

But, make sure to connect the physically damaged device with the PC using a USB. Once these two devices are connected, open the Wondershare Data Recovery tool. Windows and Mac users need to implement the following steps –

Data Recovery Steps for Windows OS Users

Do you use Windows 10 or 8.1? Have you recently faced a data loss incident? Consider using Wondershare to get back the damaged data. Additionally, Windows 7 and Vista users can also download this tool on their PCs. 

Even Wondershare works on all the Windows XP devices. So, go to the Microsoft Store, write “Wondershare Data Recovery”, and look for the current version of this tool. Finally, tap on the “Download” button. After downloading this software, open it and choose the storage medium from where you want to recover the data. 

  • Select from the three different location options — Recycle bin, Folder and Desktop. Do you want to recover any of the local disk files? Move to the “Hard Disk Drives” option to get back that missing data. Right after that, the Windows user needs to select a data recovery mode. 
  • Usually, there will be two recovery methods for Windows users. These are Computer Data Recovery and Recycle Bin Data Recovery. Choose “Computer Data Recovery” to recover the external and internal hard drive data. 
  • Opt for the “Recycle Bin Recovery ” option for retrieving the deleted files of the recycle bin. Tap on the “Start” button and wait until Wondershare starts the scanning process. 

After the completion of the scanning process, choose the files that you need to retrieve. And, if you want to recover every file of the selected drive/location, tap on the “Recover” button. Wondershare will look for those data and store them again in the Windows devices. 

Data Recovery Steps for the macOS Users 

Wondershare Data Recovery tool can be used in all the macOS X versions. Additionally, this software is compatible with macOS 10 version and earlier versions. Starting from APFS to FAT 16 to HFS+ — you can recover every file system with Wondershare. 

Are you thinking about how to get the latest version of Wondershare? Go to the App Store to download this macOS data recovery tool. Tap on the “Install” button, launch the program. Right after that, follow the instructions to recover formatted/corrupted/deleted data:

  • Start with choosing the drive name where you want to restore the data.
  • You have to tap on the “Scan” option to let the tool navigate the inaccessible data.
  • Once the data scanning process is complete, choose the “Preview” option.
  • And from there, check if all the required files are on the list.
  • Remove the ones that you no longer want to restore.
  • Tap on the ‘Recover” button to get back the accidentally removed files in seconds. 

Download Wondershare Data Recovery 10.0 to Get Additional Features

Over the years, Recoverit has included advanced features in Wondershare Data Recovery. And, in its 10.0 version, you can get more benefits. Because it has new video recovery features which can help you to retrieve 4K videos. Users can recover the ultra HD, 8K resolution videos as well. 

Additionally, this Wondershare version has an easy user interface. It also has more computer data recovery options. What else can you do in the Wondershare 10.0 version? You can now recover more than 4 videos simultaneously, irrespective of their format. And, you can perform the scanning jobs without paying extra money. 

What Can You Do with the Crashed Computer Recovery Mode?

With Wondershare’s “Crashed Computer Recovery” feature, restore the edited files. Additionally, it can be used to retrieve music files and deleted pictures. Were you unable to find the important SSD or HDD data? Use this recovery mode to restore them in the Windows/Mac devices. 

When Should You Switch to the Paid Version of Wondershare Data Recovery?

With the free version of Wondershare Data Recovery, users can’t restore more than 100 MB of data. And, if you need to recover more files, then choose a yearly paid subscription. Choose an affordable plan and retrieve the lost data easily.

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