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NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai

Over the years, the usage of NAS/SAN storage devices has increased in every business spree. Because, these storage mediums offer a plethora of benefits to the users. Network Attached Storage devices come with a 10TB storage capacity. Whereas, Storage Area Network has the maximum capacity to store 464TB of data. NAS/SAN storage devices play a pivotal role in protecting business data from hackers. Additionally, these data storage solutions automatically back up sensitive information. 

NAS/SAN data helps in recovering the essential data after a hardware failure. But, sometimes, retrieving some files or documents can be difficult. However, there is nothing to fret about when Smart Data Recovery is here to assist you.

Do you know a NAS/SAN storage device can last up to 3-5 years? After that, these storage devices might fail to work properly. What are you going to do if you face NAS/SAN failure? Simply, book an appointment with our experts of NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services. And, the rest will be assured by our experienced team of professionals. 

We have retrieved the inaccessible data from 30+ NAS/SAN devices. Don’t let an unwanted data loss hinder the business operations. Reach out to us and get instant data recovery services from our competent experts.

NASSAN Data Recovery

One-Stop Destination for NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services — Smart Data Recovery

Unable to find important office files after the NAS/SAN device failure? Hire our experts to get the ultimate data recovery solution. Usually, the NAS servers become susceptible to failure due to lubrication issues. 

Even corrupted firmware or overheating can damage these storage devices. You might have accidentally removed a few PDF files from the NAS servers. And, that might be another reason why the office file is missing. Join us and retrieve the lost or damaged files with our quality workmanship. 

Did you recently come across a virus or ransomware attack? Or, experienced a SAN device failure after a power surge? In certain circumstances, you might not find it challenging to get back the lost SAN data. This is where our NAS/SAN data recovery Dubai expert plays a vital role. Don’t try any D-I-Y data recovery hacks. Instead, connect with our efficient team and get prompt support. 

We have become a leading NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services company by offering impeccable services. Don’t further use the NAS/SAN device once you lose or delete the essential data. Simply search “NAS/SAN data recovery Dubai near me” and book our service beforehand.

A Wide Range of NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services, We Offer

We have immense expertise in recovering data from all the NAS/SAN server brands. Our team of experts have successfully recovered SAN/NAS data from data loss scenarios. Additionally, we have the calibre to retrieve data from NAS/SAN servers that face logical corruption. 

Nowadays, the corporate sectors are using different types of NAS or SAN servers. And, we can recover damaged or corrupted data from all of them. Here, are the NAS/SAN data recovery Dubai services, Smart Data Recovery provides:

Consumer-Level NAS Data Recovery 

Usually, this type of NAS server can connect a maximum of 20 clients. Consumer-level NAS storage devices come with 20TB storage space. But, this NAS server does not offer an automatic data backup option. And, this makes the device vulnerable to data loss. 

But, you don’t have to worry about anything, we got your back. Our professional team has recovered media files from consumer-level NAS servers. No matter where you reside in Dubai, we will reach out to you. Mention the NAS device you own and its brand to get on-time support.

Enterprise-Level NAS Server Recovery

The Enterprise-Level NAS servers are mostly preferred for their high storage volume. You can remotely connect with 1000+ clients via this NAS server. And, this high-end server comes with a 1000 TB storage capacity. 


But, an unwanted power outage can lead to enterprise-level NAS server failure. Thinking about what needs to be done in certain instances? Engage with Smart Data Recovery and overcome the data loss events. 

Additional NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services that Our Experts Provide 

Smart Data Recovery covers a wide area of NAS/SAN data recovery Dubai service. Our experts can recover data from midmarket NAS servers as well. Additionally, we can retrieve data from different types of SAN servers including Fibre Channel Protocol. 

Here is the list of the SAN server connections which our expect has dealt with:

  • Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)
  • Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe)
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP)

We are largely known for recovering files from NAS server brands like Lacei, D-Link, and Lenovo. More than 50+ customers have retrieved the lost SAN data from the following brand:

  • DataCore
  • IBM
  • Tintri
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • Dell EMC ScalelO and other renowned brands

Potential Reasons to Hire Our NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Experts

Smart Data Recovery strives to improve the customer experience with its top-notch services. Moreover, we have a 100% success ratio in recovering data from NAS/SAN servers. If a NAS/SAN server fails, it’s highly recommended to consult with our professionals. Because a wrong step can make the data recovery process more complicated. 

After an in-depth analysis, our professionals use an effective data recovery strategy. With this, you can retrieve the NAS/SAN data within a stipulated time frame. Moreover, we have recovered data from the PCs and laptops that were equipped with NAS/SAN devices. Get affordable service deals from a top-rated NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services company. 

Top-Ranked NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services Professional are a Call Away!

Need an immediate NAS/SAN data recovery? Call us and book our certified experts now. For more service-related information, connect with our customer support team. With us, you get exclusive deals and offers to avail the NAS/SAN Data Recovery Dubai Services by spending a few AEDs.

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