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Lost Data on iOS Devices? Check Out Syncios Data Recovery Software

Data loss is nothing less than a nightmare. Be it an accidental deletion of files or just a system fault, and data loss can occur at any time and place. Your Apple devices are not an exception to data loss circumstances. Whether you are handling an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, software crashes can devastate the saved data if you fail to have an iCloud backup.

That’s why you should rely on a compatible data recovery software specialised for iOS devices. And, we have found Syncios Data Recovery useful in retrieving lost or corrupt data back to your access without any glitch.

iOS users can now recover lost data from iOS devices, iCloud, and iTunes backup with the help of Syncios Data Recovery. Let’s find out how the software is going to help you in a fatal data loss case.

What is Syncios Data Recovery?

This particular data recovery software was designed for particularly iOS devices. Effective from iPhone 7 series and iOS 10.3 version, Syncios Data Recovery is a reliable and powerful data recovery tool. Released in October 2020, Syncios Data Recovery is the latest and safest deal to data loss circumstances in iOS devices.

Apart from in-device data loss, you can reverse the data loss consequences for your iCloud and iTunes data backup services with Syncios Data Recovery. Additionally, the data recovery process is too easy for this software. Besides being available for iOS devices, you can download and install the software on your Mac devices, too.

Developed by AnvSoft, Syncios Data Recovery is the latest sensation in the world of data retrieval. The software is loaded with exclusive features and too much compatibility support for different files. No doubt, Syncios Data Recovery is one of the trusted iOS data recovery software right now.

What Kind of Data Can You Recover with Syncios Data Recovery?

As you already know that you can retrieve in-device data with Syncios Data Recovery. If you have lost data or lost the iOS device, then Syncios Data Recovery gives you a second chance to get back your data. On the other hand, you can consider damaged iOS devices for data recovery with the help of your Mac device to recover data.

Interestingly, Syncios Data Recovery software helps you in recovering 12 different types of data. Recovering photos, messages, contacts, videos, and notes is quite easy for this software. In addition to this, one can simply recover reminders, call history, application data, bookmarks, and calendar data with Syncios Data Recovery. Now, you can easily interpret the power of the software in terms of file compatibility.

Well, this is not the end. Many iOS users have complained that they have lost data during iOS upgrades, device damage, and water damage instances. If you have encountered any one of them, then also you can use Syncios Data Recovery software. Moreover, the software offers you chances to retrieve data safely from your device. Now, it’s possible to track and get all your WhatsApp messages and contacts through Syncios Data Recovery.

Syncios Data Recovery is compatible with a variety of iPhone models available in the market. You can avail of data recovery services for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, the latest iPhone range, iPod Touch 5, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and much more. No doubt, Syncios Data Recovery offers you a reliable data recovery service for a wide range of iOS devices.

How does Syncios Data Recovery Work?

You need to perform just three easy steps to recover your iOS data with the help of Syncios Data Recovery. Just connect your device after installing the software on your Mac device or PC. Then, you have to start the scanning procedure. After the scan completes, go for the recovery option. And, the software will fetch all possible lost data for you.

Syncios Data Recovery provides you with three options for recovery. You can get back data from an iOS device. The advantage of using Syncios Data Recovery is that you can preview all the recoverable files before you actually recover them. Besides retrieving corrupt data from your iOS devices, users can make use of iTunes backup for recovery with this particular software.

Well, this is not the end for Syncios Data Recovery functionalities. The software gives you a chance to utilise your iCloud backup. With the help of this software, you can navigate from files to files under your iCloud services.

What are the Benefits of the New Version of Syncios Data Recovery?

Currently, the Syncios Data Recovery software is available in the version named 3.0.4. You can install the software on Mac devices as well as Windows 10 and other Windows OS devices. The latest version has solved the issue with device detection after installing iTunes.

On the other hand, Syncios Data Recovery comes with additional support for iOS devices and their data retrieval experiences, such as:

  • The software consumes less memory while performing the scanning function.
  • The software supports diverse chat mediums for recovering texts and messages.
  • Syncios Data Recovery lets you preview large files after you double-click on them.
  • The software has fixed some existing bugs.
  • Users can recover calendar, call history, and contacts through Syncios Data Recovery.

So, you can now restore your lost or corrupt data from your iOS devices and save them on your PC safely with Syncios Data Recovery. The fun fact is that it will work wonderfully even if you lose your device. Then, you can either use iCloud or iTunes backup through the software.

Wrapping up…

According to existing users of Syncios Data Recovery, the process was smooth to perform. We also tested the performance of the software, and we find it completely reliable. So, you can trust Syncios Data Recovery for unforeseen circumstances of data loss on your iOS devices.

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