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Download These 8 Free Data Recovery Apps to Retrieve Lost Files Successfully

Your computer might have a lot of important personal or business data on it. Also, you’ve probably taken steps to protect them. Yet, your device would remain vulnerable to facing data loss. So, you might still lose your important files under certain circumstances.

However, you need not worry too much if you face data loss. Simply try the data recovery software free download we’ve listed below for recovering all your lost files effectively.

Top 8 Free Data Recovery Software of 2021

You need not necessarily hire a professional data recovery service right away if you face data loss. Here are some apps that can recover your data successfully for free:

1. Disk Drill

This app surely occupies a top position among all free recovery apps you’ll find out there. It can provide you with a professional-grade performance on both Windows and Mac platforms. Moreover, it supports pretty much all file formats that you might have on your computer. The deep scan helps you find long-lost data and retrieve them. You can also preview files before recovering them.

However, it can recover only 500MB of data at a time. Other than that, this app is quite easy to use. You can filter the scan results on it by size, date, and category. 

2. Recuva

This software can help you recover data as easily as you lost or deleted them. You can use it as portable software instead of installing it on your device. However, you can get it only on Windows PCs. Apart from internal drives, you can retrieve data from external ones using this app.

Recuva offers you an impressive success rate in recovering data of pretty much all formats. Apart from that, it’s also very easy to use. It’s surely one of the first free recovery apps you must try out.

3. Stellar Data Recovery

Like the previously-mentioned recovery apps, Stellar has a free version as well. You can get it only on Windows systems as of now. This app supports pretty much all data formats and can retrieve them from all storage devices. You can rely on it to retrieve data that you lost under any circumstances.

This software also features the deep scan option to find long-last files. The intuitive interface makes this app one of the easiest ones to use. But, it lets you retrieve 1GB of data at a time. 

4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This software is available on Windows and Mac devices but doesn’t come with a portable version. EaseUS lets you recover all your lost data in a few easy steps. You’ll find it quite easy to install and use this app on your device. It can retrieve data from pretty much all storage devices that your computer recognizes.

This software also lets you back up scan results, so you need to scan only once. You can also preview your files before recovering them. But, you can recover only 500MB of data at a time. 

5. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This app from MiniTool is compatible only with Windows and is very easy to use. Apart from that, it comes with various advanced features to help you recover your lost data. Moreover, the tool can also retrieve data from lost partitions, which many other options listed here can’t.

You can use this app to recover files from all types of storage devices. Also, this software supports quite a wide range of file formats. It also lets you preview your lost data before retrieving them. However, the file format compatibility of this app is comparably limited as compared to other options. 

6. PhotoRec

The name of this software might suggest that it can only recover photos. But, that’s not the case at all as it can retrieve files of all major formats. You can get this app on both Windows and Mac devices. It can recover data from memory cards, pen drives, CD-ROMs, and even digital cameras among others.

PhotoRec also supports quite a wide range of file formats. Unlike the previously-mentioned apps, it has a command-line interface. So, you might not find it much comfortable as a beginner. 

7. R-Studio

This software is more suitable for users with technical knowledge and experience in data recovery software free download. Unlike most other options listed here, it can recover lost data from corrupted drives. You can also use it to recover data from a drive that has an unknown file system. This app retrieves all lost files after a scan but lets you preview certain formats.

You can get this app on Mac, Windows, as well as Linux devices. Also, it’s not a suitable choice if you want to recover files bigger than 256KB. 

8. iBoysoft Data Recovery

This is one of the best and easiest to use recovery software for Mac devices. You can run it on pretty much all Mac versions. It supports pretty much all file systems found in Apple devices. The interface is quite user-friendly and is perfect for beginners. This app supports a vast range of file formats and types.

Use iBoysoft to recover data even from devices that can’t boot. You can retrieve only up to 1GB of data at a time using this app.

How to Find the Best Option for Yourself?

You’d want the app you choose to be able to recover as many file types as possible. Apart from that, you must look for one that comes with regular security updates. Good customer support would also be a very desirable feature to look for along with data recovery software free download. Also, you must make sure that it has all the additional features that you’d need.

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