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10 Best Free Data Recovery Software in 2021

We are becoming more techno-dependent. In every circumstance, we need gadgets to accomplish our task, whether to keep in touch with someone or store important information.

If you are an office going person, then you will understand the importance of data. To store all important documents, large files etc., you have to depend on technology. As there are a lot of benefits in the usage of technology, similarly a lot of drawbacks are also there. Sudden accidents, system crashes, virus attacks, hard drive failure, and others can lead to data loss.

Though we all know how backing up is essential, we still somehow ignore it and have to face the consequences. Well, as mentioned by the time, technology has also been modified.  You can go for installing data recovery tools to retrieve lost data. These are simple applications that help in recovering lost data. The software will scan the storage medium in search of the lost files. Here are some of the common free data recovery software mentioned to help you out.

Free 10 Data Recovery Software

A list of free data recovery tools is given that will help you to redeem your data. We have discussed the software on the basis of popularity, features, and also on user reviews. The data recovery softwares are:

1. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is widely used across the globe and is completely free. It is compatible with Windows, DOS, Linux, Mac OS and others. The software retrieves the files that are severely damaged or reformatted. You can redeem videos, documents, and also archives files. Even lost images from your digital camera memory can also be recovered. The tool also works with a hard drive and CD-ROM. You will also find the feature read-only, which is accessible to drive and memory card.

2. Stellar Data Recovery

It is recommended as one of the best recovery tools for both businesses and also for consumers. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This software will help you to retrieve deleted data. It can redeem data from laptops, mobile, flash drives etc. The tool has a very simple interface which makes it easy to use.

3. Recuva

Recuva has a simple interface, and it is developed by Piriform. This tool will help you in recovering deleted files. One of the main focuses is that it can retrieve unlimited data for free. Also, the tool is compatible with Windows. You will be able to retrieve data from a hard drive, USB flash drive, MP3 player etc.

One of the major drawbacks is that it has not been updated for many years. The tool has two versions, one is 32 bit, and the other is 64 bit, and you can get this both in installable and portable form. In addition, you will get a lot of advantages in its portable form. You will also get an unlimited free data recovery option along with a deep scanning mode.

4. Disk Drill

This software is workable with both Windows and Mac. It is famed as one of the best data recovery software. This tool will help you to retrieve data that are lost, deleted or unreadable and even lost a partition. The type of data the tool can redeem is deleted photos, videos, music files, documents from specific locations, USB flash drives, SD cards and even internal and external drives. 500 MB of free data to recover are available.

This software has two data loss prevention options, recovery vault and guaranteed recovery. The recovery vaults help by including layers in the recycle bin. It even keeps a backup reference of all the deleted files. At the same time, the second one helps by copying the files that are moved to the previous folders. It even creates images of the file in the form of ISO, IMG or DMG files. Many users have used this software and have benefitted.

5. Wondershare Recoverit

This software is mainly for professional purposes. With the help of this software, you can retrieve data from an SD card, flash drive etc. The recovery process is quite easy, and you just need to go through three steps. The type of data it can recover are photos, videos, audio etc. Some amazing features are that it can also repair different video files and rescue from a crashed PC. The tool is well-supported by both Windows and Mac. And, the users have responded positively to this software.

6. iBeesoft

iBeesoft is supported by Windows, Mac and also some others. You will be able to retrieve data that is lost as well as deleted from laptops, android phones etc. You can also classify scan results by using a filter and letting you preview text, photos, etc. The type of files it can recover includes audio, video, etc. It is claimed as one of the powerful solutions to recover data also from virus attacks.

7. EaseUS data recovery wizard

This tool is known as one of the best user-friendly applications which are compatible with Windows and Mac. The interface is of Windows Explorer type and the process is completed with three simple steps. The limit of recovering data is up to 500MB free from USB flash drives, memory cards, internal and external hard drives etc. And, for extra recovery ability, you need a paid version. One of the major drawbacks is that it has high paid licences.

8. Aiseesoft data recovery

Aiseesoft data recovery software helps in recovering files that are lost or deleted from the computer, hard drive, etc. The type of data it can recover are video, audio etc. To find the lost files, you will also get a powerful search option. The process of scanning is really quick, and the deep scan will help you in finding the deleted files. This software has all the features that you need.

9. Wise data recovery

If the data got deleted due to an accident or system crash, or formatted issue, this data recovery tool would help to retrieve that data. It has a clear interface, filter to arrange the result, and also an indicator for data quality.

The tool can redeem files from the hard drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera and other storage media. It mainly supports all Windows versions. One amazing feature is that it provides a 60 days licensed products guarantee. You also get a number of solutions for optimising the system, malware issues and even video converters etc.

10. Advanced disk recovery

This is known as the quickest solution to retrieve lost, deleted or formatted data. The types of files it can redeem are video, photo etc., from USB, hard drive etc. Both 32 bit and 64 bit are supported by different Windows versions. Further, you can also use a filter to categorise the recovered files and folders. And, it is safe and hassle-free.


So, these are 10 free data recovery software to retrieve data that are lost, accidentally deleted, infected by malware or lost due to a system crash. But, you also need to keep in mind that the recovered data must have backup files. You can back up the files in Cloud storage or even look online for other backup options.

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